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Skate Donations

Do you have old skates just laying around your house?

If you do and would like to get rid of them consider donating them to Plainsview School.

Many of our students do not have his/her own skates and as we enter the winter months and go school skating we would like to have some on hand that students could use.

We will accept all types of skates no matter the type or condition.

Overstock Plainsview Clothing

Cubbon Advertising has some surplus clothing from the December order that is available for purchase.

Adult Sweatpants - Black - Large - Quantity 1 - $26.50

Youth Full Zip Hoody - Black - Medium - Quantity 1 - $33.00

Youth Full Zip Hoody - Black - Small - Quantity 3 - $33.00

Youth Performance Tee - Saphire - Small - Quantity 1 - $18.00

Please contact the school if you are interested in one of these items. (First come first served)

School Supplies

The complete School Supply List.

Supply List

(These items maybe purchased at any store or online at School Start.) All students should have a non-marking pair of indoor running shoes and a water bottle as all of the water fountains have a water bottle refill station.