Coronavirus Update from the SK Ministry of Health

February 6, 2020

Re: 2019 Coronavirus

The information below has been provided by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health to update you on the 2019 Coronavirus.

The guidelines from the Public Health Agency of Canada have changed. They now recommend that travelers returning from Hubei Province in China should self-isolate for 14 days. They also recommend self-isolation for anyone who has been in close contact with a person who is ill with 2019 Coronavirus.

Skate Donations

Do you have old skates just laying around your house?

If you do and would like to get rid of them consider donating them to Plainsview School.

Many of our students do not have his/her own skates and as we enter the winter months and go school skating we would like to have some on hand that students could use.

We will accept all types of skates no matter the type or condition.

School Zone Traffic Safety

Motorists, please reduce your speed in school zones and obey all traffic signs. U-turns should only be performed in designated areas!!

Today, nearly three in four children are being driven to school. It’s important for motorists to drive with caution in school zones and for students to learn about road and pedestrian safety.